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This is the TeMar Shepherds litters’ page.

All of our German Shepherd Puppies Registered AKC or CKC

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We expect wonderful pups for the sport of SchH, Showing & breeding prospects, as well as beautiful family companions with tons of heart.

Early reservations are strongly advised on all TeMar Litters.

As always, Temperament - Health & Beauty are our priority when choosing a breeding pair.

We expect beautiful deep black & red puppies, with super bone & heads - suitable for show - work & outstanding family companions.

Reservations are strongly advised.

Future breedings:

Once again combining the best German bloodlines.

This litter is bred for outstanding temperament, health, beauty, & trainability, which is our priority when choosing a breeding pair.

Beautiful deep black & red puppies, with super bone & heads - suitable for show - work & outstanding family companions.

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Litter 1:

VA1 Kerry vom Königsadler IPO2 ANGEK. HD/ED a1 normal ZW 70 and

SG17 BSZS V1 Pischa von der Wilhelmswarte IPO3 ANGEK. LBZ  HD/ED a1 normal.

Puppies due in Sept 19 2015   ready for new families  Nov 14th

Breed Survey for Pischa: On the upper size limit standing, substantial, medium strong, dry and firm bitch with good height length ratio and good proportions. Strong head with dark eye, high withers, straight, firm back, slightly short croup of good angle. Front well, the back very well angled, balanced chest proportions, straight front. In movement, Hind thrust is  very powerful, spacious and roomy with good presentation. Safe nature, TSB pronounced.

Type Full overall appearance. Perform very well pigmented dog.

Show Critique: Large, feminine, medium strong, full pigment bitch with good expressive head. High withers, straight back, the croup should be longer. The upper arm should be more inclined, very good hind angulation, correct chest proportions, straight front, Her presentation is very noble and shows with good lines flowing, outreaching, dynamic transitions.

Kerry comes from a very interesting bloodline. His father Oxford Radhaus is the full brother to VA1 Omen vom Radhaus and VA Opus Radhaus. All three of these brothers have produced enough progeny of note to be called excellent prepotent sires in the breed. Their progeny includes top German VAs and the recent German Young Sieger.

Kerry's motherline is just as interesting, with his mother being the top producing Clea vom Königsadler, through VA Erasmus van Noort. This super female has produced consistently above average progeny and very strong temperaments, with one of her offspring being the excellent VA male Ballack Bruckneralle, who if memory serves right, was also a best bitework award winner.

Kerry through his open pedigree offers a very good choice to breeders in North America if they are looking to improve type, general firmness, pigmentation and temperament in their dogs.

VA Hill vom Farbenspiel : 5,5-3

VA1 Yasko vom Farbenspiel : 5-4