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The pups are weaned onto baby rice mixed with fresh goat milk for 4 days we then start adding the raw diet reducing the baby rice. We then add the Hokamix & structure to the puppy’s food. The pups are on the raw diet, hokamix, & structure with goat milk until 6 weeks of age. We gradually start switching them over to a high quality kibble.

Puppies are on raw beef mixed with wet Natures Domain Turkey & Sweet potato. We start reducing the goat milk at this time also. We add Kibble to the raw food over the next 2 weeks until it is at a 50-50 ratio. We suggest that the kibble be feed moist through out life, kibble swells you want this to happen in the bowl not in their stomachs.

We do not feed nor recommend puppy food. It can cause the puppy to become over weight and grow to fast, which may cause problems with joints etc. in the future. We recommend a high quality adult food. You must watch the protein levels; some foods have to high a protein for a growing puppy.

Here's a link you might find interesting: http://www.api4animals.org/facts.php?p=359&more=1

When the pup are 2.5 to 3 weeks of age, the pups are wormed with albon for 7-10 days, at 3.5 weeks they’ll get a 3-day worming of Panacur, 21 days later they get a second 3 days of Panacur. The pups receive their first vaccine at 8 weeks when they are ready for new families.

We suggest that you have your new family member micro-chipped.

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We at TeMar German Shepherds feed a raw natural diet to all of our dogs & have for many years. We add Hokamix to their diet for life.

Once the females are bred, we also add the product Structure continuing until they have weaned their pups.

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