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Tens of thousands of spectators attend shows like the SV's Sieger Show, Westminster Kennel Club or Crufts and cheer on their favorites. Many more watch the events on television. The Westminster dog show is one of the oldest sporting events in this country.

While the rules and the style of showing may differ, the basic purpose of any conformation show is to determine how close an individual comes to the Breed Standard. But it is also a show -- and the difference between very close competitors can come down to the attitude and charisma of the individual dogs. Cheered on by the audience, that special dog will rise to the occasion and gait his way to the top!

Dog shows are held somewhere almost every weekend of the year. Shows of different sizes and competitiveness offer every owner of a quality purebred dog a chance to find their level of competition.

There are two basic styles of conformation shows for German Shepherd Dogs -- those using the basic rules of the SV (the German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany) and those who show in the style of the AKC. We have included a brief explanation of each style.

SV-Style    |    AKC-Style 

The other two largest organizations offering Conformation Shows in North America are the CKC and UKC. Both of them use rules similar to the AKC style.

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CONFORMATION SHOWS:  SV-Style    |    AKC-Style 

Since the establishment of the first dog breed, there has been competition between breeders to determine who has the best animal. From small fairs to huge sports facilities, dog shows can be found in most parts of the world. Today, conformation showing is a large part of the sport of dogs.

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